WasteConnect – integrated system for waste management in the basin of river Nistru


  • To create a collaborative framework between companies in the field of waste management and waste processing
  • To bring innovative solutions in the field of solid waste management in the basin of river Nistru
  • To increase the export potential of companies in the field of waste processing

Women Innovators Network Moldova


  • To identify and promote proeminent women innovators from Moldova
  • To strenghten the capabilities of women researchers and innovators in offering their knowledge and competencies for stakeholders from different economic sectors
  • To create a support ecosystem for women innovators from Moldova

Business platform for cross-regional cooperation and improvement of innovation solutions.

The main objective is to set up a durable business platform for cross-regional cooperation and improvement of innovative solutions and their absorption, integration of new technologies into the production processes in order to raise the competitiveness of the companies on the two banks of the river Nistru. The project will also have the objective to improve the export capabilities of local companies and offer possibilities to network with potential business partners between the two regions and open new markets in the EU by taking advantage of the DCFTA agreement and the business connections offered by the two chambers of commerce.

The Mentoring Program addresses innovative companies with project ideas eligible for the Horizon 2020 and other financing program and is configured according to the deadlines set.

It includes a series of workshops and personalized assistance in the process of project writing for the application to grant funding by SMEs. The duration of the program varies according to the necessities and the level of preparation of the group of beneficiaries.

During this Program, CDSESAI experts train the participants and will monitor each stage of the project writing for the specific calls. Participants also receive recommendations for the improvement of the projects at each step, so at the end the companies will obtain a complete project proposal, ready to be submitted to the existing financing programs.